Christmas party in brewery Dalešice

Meeting of employees from Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland and Romania in pleasant ambience of brewery Dalešice.

Cortina in Cortina d'Ampezzo

Cortina Development employees follow the origins of the name


Cortina Development Ltd. s.r.o. offers its customers the following products:

Natural casings:

  • Hog casings- salted, brined, folded
  • Sheep casings – salted, brined, folded
  • Beef casings – salted
  • Hog stomaches, fatends and afterends

Artificial casings:

  • Polyamid casings thermo-shriveled up
  • Barrier multilayer polyamide casings thermo-shriveled up
  • Rolls, folded, with printing or without, in a wide variety of colors

Butcher nets:

  • cotton or polyester
  • white, white-color or full color
  • simple (boiling) or double braid (roasting)
  • double rubber

Films for vacuum Packaging:

  • multilayer in rolls for automated production


  • thermo-shriveled up bags
  • vacuum bags with varying wall thickness

Textile packaging for meat production and textile containers covered with seasoning for meat production.