Christmas party in brewery Dalešice

Meeting of employees from Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland and Romania in pleasant ambience of brewery Dalešice.

Cortina in Cortina d'Ampezzo

Cortina Development employees follow the origins of the name


Cortina Development Ltd. is one of the largest and most important distributors of natural casings in Eastern Europe. The company was founded in 1992 and since its inception, it has focused on the sale of natural casings to meat processing plants and small producers in the Czech Republic. Over time, the company has entered new markets in Eastern Europe. Cortina Development over the course of its existence, has built a reputation as suppliers of high quality products and quality service for its customers.

The company has offered in addition to natural and artificial casings for the meat packing industry - polyamide casings, films, nets, bags, thermo- shriveled up etc.

Cortina Development Ltd. s.r.o. has been a part of the Dutch holding company Van Hessen since 1999, which is one of the largest producers and suppliers of natural casings in the world.

The company currently supplies its trading partners in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. Sales in the Slovak Republic and Hungary is mediated through a subsidiary Cortina Slovakia sro Sales in Romania is mediated through a subsidiary Cortina Development S.R.L.

Thanks to our own quality control, treatment and processing of natural casings in the new modern premises and developed logistics distribution company is able to guarantee that its customers receive.